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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Top 10 FREE Droid Milk Tap Apps

Are you breast feeding, exclusively pumping, or hoping to join the club following the birth of your babe?  Perhaps you’re like my husband and you’re studying for your dream job of becoming a lactation specialist.  Well we have the best Milk Tap apps for android phone users, and they’re FREE!
  1. General Breastfeeding Information  Check out the Savvy Breastfeeding Guide by Sara Chana.  This app has information that can help you solve over 98% of all breastfeeding challenges with its 100+ videos, 350 articles, and many informational photographs.  Dads even report to benefit from this app. 
  2. Ultimate Baby Log  Track breastfeeding and pumping sessions and a whole lot more with Baby Care.  We love that you can also use this as a baby diary to record many firsts.  Other notable features of this app include the ability to use with multiple babies, for teething information, and for tracking vaccines.  If you don’t have reminders set up, you may have to go into features and general setup to turn off the icon that will most likely annoy you as it did us.     
  3. Hydration  Keep an eye on your water intake with Water Your Body, because drinking too much water or not drinking enough will cause problems with milk production.  We saw an increase of 2-4 additional ounces of milk per day after utilizing this app.  For those of us exclusively pumping, this is HUGE. 
  4. Help with Milk Letdown  A crying baby will give many innocent bystanders an instant headache.  For a Milk Tapped mom, this sound can signal a Hulk-like transformation.  Shirt splitting, milk spewing… a baby or a pump needs to be attached ASAP.  If you need to pump at work or while away from your baby, you can use these sounds to your advantage.  Baby Sounds has over 70 baby sounds including many crying babies.  After letdown, you may enjoy exploring the other sounds as well.  
  5. Motivation  Do you like those motivational posters that are pasted on office walls everywhere?  You can create your own poster for one of your phone’s screens to give you some reinforcement when the pain seems unbearable.  With the MotivatorWidget, you can use a photo of your child to help with letdown while away.  You can put a picture of that gift you’re going to buy yourself when you make it to your next Milk Tapped goal.  Our favorite thing about this app is that is requires NO permissions.  It’s true. 
  6. Relaxing Sounds  Staying relaxed while nursing or pumping can help with milk production and letdown.  Babies seem to latch better while relaxed as well.  If your iPod music is less than baby-friendly, then Nature Sounds – Relax and Sleep may help you with their calming audio therapy.  
  7. Great Reading  Another way to help you relax is to enjoy some great reading.  If you don’t have the Bible App yet, consider adding this awesome resource.  You can access hundreds of reading plans and devotions including many tailored to parents.  It will even read to you. 
  8. Flashlight  Prior to upgrading to my newest phone, I was living in a dark age without a camera flash.  My pictures were not the only things to suffer.  I  was not able to use the very clever Flashlight app.  This app is a must for late night diaper changes, feedings, and pumping sessions.  It also has a strobe effect that can be used if stranded along the road. 
  9. Safe Medications  Are you interested in an alternate therapy or perhaps you want to double check what a doctor has prescribed?  Doctors are, after all, human and can make mistakes.  Then the Lactation Drugs app may come in handy.  There are over 1500 medicines, herbal remedies, and alternate therapies listed in this no-frills app.  Remember to always talk to your doctors as well.  
  10. Professional Help  If you’re looking for breast milk feeding support, La Leche League has many free resources and volunteers for you, but if you don’t have the time to hunt for this help, there are professional certified lactation doulas that you can search for with the CAPPA Member Search App.
We hope you enjoy these FREE Milk Tap apps.  Which one is your favorite?  Do you have another that didn't make the list?  Please comment, and have a blessed day!
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