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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Babies Born Clubbing

Photo by Rebecca Reck
While pregnant, my baby would be moving and grooving so much that I often thought he was clubbing in there.  I imagined he was shaking it to awful techno music like I did once upon a time ago.  A week following a routine ultrasound, I was attending an uplifting Christian leadership conference.  I was having an amazing time with my 3 year old and round belly.  We were dancing and worshiping God.  I kept my cell off for days.  When I turned it on, there were a dozen missed calls and many urgent messages from my nurse practitioner.  I called, and she explained that the doctor had originally missed a few anomalies.  Our son would have a clubfoot.  Cue the techno music. 

God had me right where I needed to be that week.  I was surrounded by prayerful Christians and had a beautiful conversation with one of the female leaders.  I was granted peace.  I left there and loved my son even more.  I have learned a lot this past year. 

What You Should Know about Clubfoot
  1. The name clubfoot comes from how the shape of the foot looks similar to a golf club.  It does not come from how many of the babies are born dancers.
    You can see Matthew's clubfoot tangled with cords.
  2. There are many famous people, including amazing athletes, who were born with a clubbed foot or two including Damon Wayans, Dudley Moore, Charles Woodson, Kristi Yamaguchi, Mia Hamm, Troy Aikman, and even King Tut. 
  3. Some estimate that 1 in 1000 children are born with a clubfoot, making it fairly common.  It can be the only anomaly for the child or be part of a genetic syndrome such as Downs, 22Q.11 Deletion, etc. 
    Casting Phase with Art by Avery
  4. The most common treatment includes early casting to correct the shape, a surgery to lengthen the Achilles tendon, and bracing to prevent relapse.  The bracing period may be for 24 hours for the 1st year and then only while sleeping for 4 or 5 years.
    Foot is in correct position following casting.  
  5. Cutting off the feet of women's tall knee-high socks make great leg warmers.  Covering the cast is especially important.  Changing diapers is easier when pairing these with onesies during the bracing stage.  Covering the bar with pipe insulation and a spare leg warmer can prevent a few bruises but not all.    
    Matthew in stylin' with his brace, leg warmers, and sister.

June 3rd is World Clubfoot Awareness Day.  Please share this with friends for my son Matthew.  If you have a message for him, we’d love your comments below.  God bless you all!         
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